Protect your userbase. Easily. No bullshit. We do not store or sell your data.


We take privacy very serious. We're not gonna hide a single thing about what data we store and what not. We want to be as transparent as possible. That's why we won't do the following things:

  • Sell your data, your data is yours and you are not the product.
  • Store the files or text you upload for longer than needed, we only store the content temporary during the scan and then remove it from our servers.

We do collect data (or are planning on collecting data) such as
  • Where the API call came from, this is for analytical purposes.
  • The size of the uploaded content, the number of bytes for analytical purposes.
  • The IP where the call came from, this is temporarily stored for rate limitting.

We're planning on making as much of the data public through some sort of dashboard so we can be as transparent as possible.

Terms of use

DO NOT ABUSE. But serious, we want to keep things free for everyone to make the internet a better place for everyone. If you are thinking of using our system on a larger scale, please contact us first so we don't restrict access because we think someone is abusing our system.

What counts as abuse? Trying to avoid our rate limits. You can run around 60 times per minute with burst up to 120 scans per minute. We think it's plenty but we would not advice to go higher than 50 per minute just to be sure.

Also don't try to break our system or try to take it offline (example, by DDoS-ing our tool). We'll take action.

Do not upload any illegal content outside of the scanners that are made for it. This means for example that you don't upload malware to our NSFW scanner. Not that we don't believe it shouldn't cause any issues, but just to be sure.